MINIONTV are an instrumental post-rock band based in Liverpool. Founded in 2009 and inspired by genres ranging from ambient to electronic, the band honed their thundering yet sweet melodic sound on the live circuit.

Having attracting a loyal fan following, the band released their first self-titled post-rock album, MINIONTV, in 2010, which gained interest across the globe. Hits from the album, such as Battleships and Don’t Burn The House Down, were featured in a major advertising campaign for Lexus and soundtracks for TV shows including Grey’s Anatomy. Live performances also saw MINIONTV supporting bands such as HEALTH, I Like Trains as well And So I Watch You From Afar.

Fans of this newer style of Post-Rock will enjoy this band hopefully as much as I have, using a lot of “twinkled” type tones, pronounced drum beats, harmonized bass along with their trademark effects on guitar. This is a must have also for more energetic ambient fans.
[Review for the MINIONTV album by]

Always experimenting to push their own musical boundaries, the band were heavily influenced by electronic music in the production of their second release, Arecibo, in 2011. The band’s heavy guitar riffs and signature melodies were still present but with a much more electronic vibe. MINIONTV explored their new sound on stage at festivals including Liverpool Sound City as well as The Threshold Festival and also during a UK tour.

I basically had it on repeat for much of the day, every day, and right now, back at home, listening to it again, it sounds as familiar as anything in my beloved collection, yet as fresh as it did on first listen. [Review for Arecibo album by by Echoes and Dust]

The band returned with their third release The Last Projectionist in 2012, which was an introspective exploration of new technology and its impact on nostalgia. It was a celebration of traditional heavy post-rock guitar with songs such as She’s A Sleeper, mixed with modern electronic riffs in This Is Fucking Glorious, with some ambient soundscapes and occasional jazz-like bass lines. Their unique sound saw them as a resident feature of the Newpath alternative music events, along with bands such as Maybeshewill.

You know that feeling when you see a film, read a book or hear a record and you actually feel a bit sad when it’s over – where you just want a few minutes of quiet time by yourself before you go back to reality? This is one of those records.
[Review for The Last Projectionist by Echoes and Dust]

With a large back catalogue of music, MINIONTV released a rare collection of their unheard tracks in 2014, from over the years called Demons and Rarities. Having taken time over the past year to work on other musical projects and to have babies, the band are now back ready to hit the stage once more.


Demons and Rarities July 2014

The Last Projectionist July 2012

Arecibo November 2011

MinionTV April 2010